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Our Story

In 2015, Tea Journal embarked on its journey, sourcing the finest tea leaves from the ancient tea mountains of Yunnan, Fujian (Wu Yi), Anhui (Huang Shan), Hanzhou (Longjin), and Taiwan (Dong Ding). With a legacy of craftsmanship passed down through generations, we are dedicated to sharing this time-honored knowledge and tea practices with tea enthusiasts worldwide, promoting balance and a health-conscious lifestyle through the art of tea.

Our vision at Tea Journal is clear and unwavering - to serve the highest quality Oriental tea in a way that respects tradition while simplifying the tea-making process. We take pride in offering our customers the chance to savor the richness of our tea leaves and their nutrients through straightforward brewing techniques. In doing so, we pay homage and express gratitude to the profound tea culture that has enriched our world for centuries.

Whether you seek authentic Oriental Teas and Teaware or desire a serene space to indulge in quality tea while catching up with loved ones, Tea Journal is your ultimate destination for all things tea-related. Join us on this aromatic expedition as we celebrate the timeless art of tea together.